Sep 23, 2021

Pregnancy Story

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Even before we were married, we talked about having a big family, on the order of four kids. However, after Charlotte was born, and for quite some time after, we thought that maybe we were done. Then, we moved to our new farm, got settled, and thought that maybe we would just see what happened. With us, there is no question at this point when it comes to fertility, we got pregnant immediately, as in the very first time of "letting nature take its course".

I knew that I was pregnant about two days after we conceived this baby.

I took two tests before getting a positive result. I KNEW I was pregnant, but I knew so early that the tests couldn't detect the baby yet. With this pregnancy, everything felt amplified; more morning sickness, more exhaustion, bigger belly sooner, etc. I knew that with each additional pregnancy this can be the case, but I also had this funny feeling that maybe there was more than one baby.

Luckily, our 16 week ultrasound showed only one very healthy baby. We actually asked the tech to see if he could tell if it was a boy or girl, but this baby was so busy he couldn't tell. All that really mattered was that the baby was healthy and they moved my due dat from 4/21 to 4/14. That gave us a good explanation of why I was bigger, felt more pregnant, etc.

I spent the rest of the pregnancy busy with farm life, homeschooling the kids, and my (very) part time job at UConn. I was able to eat incredibly well thanks to all of the animals and veggies we raised here. I napped almost everyday and got plenty of exercise helping out with farm life and playing with the kids.

We planned for another home birth with our same midwife from before, and we alternated having her come here and meeting at her house. It was always so nice to combine prenatal visits with playdates for our respective kids. All of the vitals for me and the baby were good throughout, with the exception of my blood pressure being at times a little high. I drank passion flower tea and that seemed to bring it right back in line.

The months passed very quickly and my belly rapidly expanded. It was an entirely different experience to be so pregnant in late winter/early spring as opposed to the summer with the other two. Both kids were so excited about the baby and asked so many questions. They loved this baby heart and soul from the moment they learned I was pregnant.

As I approached my due date, two lovely friends and my mom had a wonderful Mother's Blessing for me here on the farm. It was an amazing day and so wonderful to be surrounded by such incredible, strong, intelligent women. Their strength and support and kind thoughts really carried me through the last month of the pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I knew I would be pregnant again. This time I felt like it was the last time so even when I started to get really uncomfortable the last two months, I tried to enjoy having another baby growing inside me, knowing that it was in all likelihood the last time. It was pretty clear that I would be having another big baby, and this one settled deep into my pelvis a while before the due date.

I really thought this baby would be born on 4/12, it lined up with the EDD based on the ultrasound and also the new moon, which both other kids were born within days of. That date came and went, as did the 14th and the 21st which was the EDD based on conception date and the positive pregnancy test. The whole month I had been losing plug, having big contractions, and was SOOOOO ready to have this baby be born. We did all of the usual things to try to stimulate labor, foods, walks, "cuddles", massages, nothing worked.

I had lots of ups and downs those last two weeks, happy to have a little more time with just the four of us, but wanting to meet this new life. We had an ultrasound on the 23rd that showed the baby to be doing well, very big, and very ready. I was feeling happy that all was well, but also sad that the baby hadn't yet come out. That weekend, we planted some early crops in the garden and then I spent the day Sunday just resting. We made a plan to call a local accupuncturist Monday morning to try to get labor going. That had worked with Charlotte, and we thought it might work again. Luckily, we never needed to make the call.

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